Voltic (GH) Limited (Voltic) is Ghana’s premier bottler of natural mineral.  It bottles and distributes Voltic Natural Mineral Water and other non-alcoholic beverages.  It has the largest market share within the bottled natural mineral water category.

The company was established in 1995 with one facility at Medie in the Ga West district of the Greater Accra Region to compete with imported mineral waters which were predominant in the Ghanaian market at the time.  With commitment to quality and excellence, Voltic commands a 70% market share in the Ghana mineral water market.

As a unique brand that has remained the market leader for the past 20 years, Voltic has become a generic name for mineral and bottled water in Ghana.  It has acquired this profile by providing world-class products known for their good quality and pure natural freshness.  Voltic aims to strengthen its market leadership by constantly enhancing the excellence of its products through a process of continuous reinvestment and innovative manufacturing and marketing strategies.

Whiles the company is making strides with profit seeking objectives, it worthy to note that Voltic has also been giving back to society through various initiatives.  “We are using some of our profits to do good for society.  We are a forward thinking company which has embedded sustainability into our operations to create value for business and society”, says General Manager, Philip Redman.

“Our corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives underpin the company’s ambition to create a thriving world for our business and also for the communities in which we trade.  The focus of our sustainable CSI is on the positive transformation and uplifting of communities by supporting basic education, health and social development”.

To Voltic, social investment is not an add-on to business activities, but at the heart of how it engages with the communities where its customers, employees, investors and suppliers live.  To this end, over the years, Voltic has invested greatly in various initiatives that relate directly to the core areas it seeks to provide community support. The company has spent over GHC 30 million cedis within the last five years alone.

It is a known fact that availability of adequate teaching and learning materials is a big issue in Ghana, especially in some communities in the northern parts of the country.  To help address this deficit, Voltic has for the past two years spent $200,000 on the importation and distribution of 5000 Tutu desks to deprived schools in the Upper East, Upper West and Brong Ahafo regions.  Voltic donates the desks through World Vision International, which handles the distribution on behalf of Voltic.


This endeavour has helped thousands of pupils who hitherto, did not have access to writing desks in school.  According to the World Vision Ghana National Director, Hubert Charles ‘Since the last donation, we have received countless reports on the significant improvements that have occurred in the lives of the beneficiary children, especially the story of a 15 year old disabled Grace Ayimaye who as a result of the tutu desk she had, had become so successful in her studies that she witnessed a marked improvement in learning outcomes in Form 2 at the Nyankontre Roman Catholic Junior High School in Sene in the Brong Ahafo Region.  The impact has been tremendous.


The Ghana Education Project, an NGO operating in Nkwanta in the northern part of the Volta Region has over the past three years received about GHC70, 000 to support the provision of educational facilities for schools within its operational areas.  GEP, through the support of Voltic, has also been able to develop teaching and learning materials for schools.  According to founder of the NGO, Gillian Norris, “GEP runs several programmes that support the provision of quality education too. We have set up the Nkwanta Awards for Junior High Schools, which received financial and material support from Accra Brewery Limited initially and subsequently Voltic.  The continued support from Voltic (GH), has enabled us facilitate the training programmes for teachers and produce lesson plans for every Science and English lesson in JHS.  GEP is most grateful to Voltic for this benevolent gesture.  We would be glad if other companies come to assist us complete the numerous projects we have set our eyes on in the Nkwanta district.

Meyah International School is a private school at Medie in the Ga West District of the Greater Accra Region.  Voltic has its first plant there.  Until the company stepped in in 2012, the school which found itself in the midst of plenty water sources, was sadly battling with access to potable drinking water for its pupils.  Voltic provided it with a borehole and a water storage tank at a cost of GHC 23,000.  This school also received GHC3000 to enable it purchase a pre-fabricated structure for a library.

Voltic has been operating at Medie, where it has it biggest plant for the past 20 years.  Last year, the community leaders approached the company to assist them construct a bridge that had become dilapidated to the extent that no vehicle could use it.  A few weeks ago, we handed over a two lane bridge we funded at a cost of GHC 43,000 to the Medie community”, says Philip Redman, General Manager of Voltic.  A resident, Richmond Nortey, expresses how this new development has made things easier for him “until this bridge was put up, I had to use a long winding alternative route to and from work. Now I spend less time and fuel. This is a good initiative by Voltic’.

Other basic education Charities that Voltic has been contributing funds to are Futures For Kids; The Palladium Foundation; Nana Essumadu Foundation; and Connecting Kids Foundation.  These are all NGOs working in deprived communities in the Central, Northern, Greater Accra and Eastern regions of Ghana respectively to provide quality education for young children.  Together these two organisations received GHC 45,000 in cash together with products  this year to facilitate their activities.

The Ghana Journalists Association has also been benefiting from cash and product donations towards the observation of World Press Freedom Day as well as the Annual GJA awards.

As one maxim goes, good health is the essence of healthy living.  Voltic is aware that health needs are very important.  For this reason it extended its initiatives to support quality healthcare delivery and provision of infrastructure to the Ashanti Region and organised health screenings for pupils of the Nyameani L/A Methodist Primary and JHS in the Bosumtwi area.  The exercise was undertaken by a 25-member medical team from the Kuntanase District Hospital comprising laboratory technicians, nutritionists, dental nurses, dispensary technicians, clinicians and nurses for special services like Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT).  They screened the pupils and teachers for malaria parasites, malnutrition and dental hygiene as well as diabetes and hypertension for the teachers and a section of the community.  The beneficiaries were given anti-malaria drugs, blood tonic, de-wormers and food supplements while others with complex cases were referred to the district hospital.


It didn’t end there; the Nyameani Methodist Clinic in the later part of 2014 had a major face lift.  Voltic invested GHS 80,000.00.  The medical equipment the company provided include wheel chairs, oxygen cylinders, stretchers, vaccine fridges, delivery sets and beds, instrument trolleys, infant resuscitation bags, stethoscopes, clinical thermometers, bed linens, sterilisers, clinical scissors and weighing scales for both infants and adults amongst others.

Voltic has a standing arrangement to provide a quantity of both bottled and sachet natural mineral water to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital every month and this has been going on for over two years.  We have also made several donations in kind (products) to various charities and organizations such as the Ghana Blind Union, educational institutions as well as private and public organisations.  

According to the Corporate and Legal Affairs Director of Voltic, Adjoba Kyiamah, “These CSI activities and many more that for lack of space cannot be mentioned here, have endeared our brand to many.  It has given us improved visibility, making us stand out as the leading bottled natural mineral water producer that also engages in numerous socially responsibly activities.  This has enhanced our reputation and image through the media coverage that we enjoyed.  Within the communities that we have supported, our goodwill has been strengthened”.

She adds “We have been a good corporate citizen and we see a bright future for us and the communities within which we operate and the society at large.  We will continue to share our good fortune with our communities”.

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