The management of Voltic (GH) Limited, producers of Ghana's leading water brand, has noted with pride the successful organization of this year's Accra Milo Marathon.  Voltic (GH) Limited, which was a co-sponsor of the event, is also congratulating the winners for their display of hard work and endurance during the 42.2 kilometer run which saw Alhaji Mohammed Kassim of the Ghana Air Force beating into second place last year's winner from Kenya, Alex Kimeli. 

In a statement, Brands Manager of Voltic (GH) Limited, Ms. Ama Armah stressed that the 27th edition of the Accra Milo Marathon will go into the history books as the best organized event by the Dansoman Keep Fit Club and Nestle Ghana Limited and that Voltic was very proud to be associated with it.

Ms. Armah said Voltic decided to sponsor the marathon because "the human body survives on water and doctors recommend regular water intake to keep the body hydrated at all times. Drinking water contributes to a healthy lifestyle; ensuring this water is of the highest quality and purity takes on added importance for a marathon performance.  Voltic (Gh) Limited co-sponsored the marathon because we wanted to be there for all runners, ensuring that dehydration did not rob them of their dreams. Voltic's natural mineral content provides pure and highly effective hydration for athletes.  It is these natural minerals that make Voltic different from other brands on the market", she added.

According to Ms. Armah, as a corporate institution Voltic believes that it is important to give back to a society that patronizes its products. They therefore take delight in sponsoring a wide range of activities and projects that are important to communities.  The Accra Milo Marathon is no doubt one of the most anticipated events on the Ghanaian sporting calendar. "The success of this year's edition has justified our desire to maintain Voltic's ongoing support of the Accra Milo Marathon" Ms. Armah added. 

Voltic's sponsorship package comprised a supply of water for all the athletes before, during and after the event.  The company also gave prizes to selected winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd) in each of the four categories.  The prize package included Voltic souvenirs and a year's supply of Voltic Natural Mineral water with varying quantities for each category.  Guests and invited dignitaries were also refreshed with Voltic Natural Mineral Water during the awards ceremony.

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